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Political Action

As trial lawyers, it is our fundamental mission to protect, preserve and enhance the civil justice system.  

Unfortunately, in recent years our civil justice system has been under constant attack from those who would seek to destroy it: insurance companies, the medical and pharmaceutical industry, big tobacco, and the gun lobby, among others.

It is not always easy to stand up for the civil justice system against these powerful interests.  At the very least it takes organization, hard work, and yes, money!

Our primary goal has always been to stand strong to protect the rights of victims and the civil justice system as a whole.  Some of our recent efforts have included developing and strengthening relationships with the Executive and Legislative branches, delivering memoranda in support of or in opposition to legislation that would affect our clients and practices, and building strong grassroots campaigns. 

Having a strong presence in state politics is the only way to ensure that our voices and those of our clients are heard.   We have been and continue to be proud to support those who stand up to protect the civil justice system.

However, financing our political efforts cannot fall on the shoulders of a few.  For our voices to be heard, we need all of New York’s legal community to be involved, including you!

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