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Medical Lien Agency, LLC

43B Glen Cove Rd #303
Greenvale, NY 11548

Phone: 516-234-0023
About the Company: Medical Lien Agency is a full service lien resolution company that comes at no cost to law firms and is reducing liens for clients by an average of over 50%. As a remote back office to your firm, we handle the liens from start to finish, keeping you in compliance, getting you numbers when you need them, and getting your client’s paid faster. Our team takes a comprehensive approach to review all claims and we take the necessary steps to dispute claims when needed. We handle all paperwork, correspondence, and disputes directly. We get paid based on how much money we reduce the client’s lien amount, so we are incentivized to work to preserve the maximum amount of money possible for your client. For any questions, please email ben@medicallienagency.com.

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