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As you probably know, the Legislature has undergone a profound change in the past year. While the Republicans had almost uninterrupted control of the Senate for generations, the Democrats won a large majority in the Senate in the most recent election, paving the way for passage of legislation that had long been stalled in Albany. 

The Legislature was able to strengthen the rent laws, codify abortion protections, and pass sweeping climate change legislation, and on civil justice, pass the Child Victims Act, require non-settling defendants to choose the reduction of liability prior to trial, and allow plaintiffs to recover directly against third party defendants.

Now that there are champions for progressive causes in both houses, we think that 2020 has potential for even more and could finally be the year that the Legislature addresses one of the most long-standing injustices in New York Law, the Wrongful Death Statute. Current law only provides for the economic loss a death causes, leaving many groups of people unable to bring a claim, a situation that hasn't changed since the law's enactment in 1847.

Despite a Legislature full of members that are strong advocates for justice, this will still be a tough fight. We will need to make a big push in order to present our arguments to legislators and to the public in person, in social media, and in the press. Insurers and other big-money interests will fight tooth and nail to stop any expansion of liability, and we will need to be ready. 

This is where you come in. Can you contribute to our efforts to finally correct this nearly 200 year old injustice?

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